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Module #9 - Further Learning


If you got this far then congratulations and thank you for completing my course. Hopefully it was useful but if you do have any feedback or you have found any mistakes, I am not precious, feel free to email me anything.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin then I have collected below some of my favourite resources.

I would though recommend you spend some time in the resources section of Jameson Lopp’s website, probably one of the most comprehensive resources on Bitcoin,


Here are some of my favourite Bitcoin podcasts. I have also included my own but I would say mine is less advanced than the other ones I have recommended, you might want to start with mine and work your way up to the others:


The following are some of my favourite writers about Bitcoin:


The following are some of my favourite YouTube Bitcoin channels:


I would also recommend the following books:

There are plenty more resources in the resources section of my website.

Course Conclusion

Well done for making it this far. I hope you enjoyed the course and I welcome any feedback, good or bad, just email me on So what now, well I hope you feel like you know a lot more about this crazy world of Crypto right now and feel comfortable making investments. If I leave you with three things, let it be this:

  1. Make security your number 1 priority

  2. Always be reading, learning and increasing your knowledge

  3. Be patient with everything

Good luck!