Elevate Your Trading with Aurox

Introducing the World's Best Crypto Trading Terminal.

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We are grateful to have Aurox as a sponsor on The What Bitcoin Did podcast.

With its multi-exchange integrated workspaces, Aurox takes the hassle out of portfolio management. That's faster trades and high-octane results for cryptocurrency investors.

Trade Quickly

Using Aurox, you can trade on multiple exchanges from one place with a complete range of tools. Plug in your API keys, and trade on the top 9 exchanges, with more exchanges being added soon.


The minute you enter your API keys, they become encrypted and stored in memory. Unlike our competitors, your API keys are never transmitted to our servers in plain text.

You should feel safe when trading, therefore our software is approved and signed by Symantec EV.

Customize your Workspace

Ditch the limitation of browser windows and tabs. With Aurox, it's simple to create a custom workspaces. You can dock and link different components, creating the custom trading environment of your dreams. No more will you be frustrated when a browser window crashes and hangs.

With Aurox, you can quickly reopen workspaces, and resume trading where you left off. Eliminate the stress and distractions, while becoming a successful trader with Aurox.

Speed & Accuracy

Timing is everything, even a one second delay could be the difference between a profitable trade and a losing one. With Aurox, your connection to the exchange is direct and secure. Your orders never go through our server, nor your API keys, eliminating any delay between our servers and the exchanges.

Use advanced order types

If you have only traded through the Exchanges' websites, you've been missing out. Most exchanges support additional ordering types through their API.

For example, Bitmex supports variaty of advanced trading methods only through their API. We have made sure to integrate these custom order types, allowing you to stay ahead of other traders.


With so much misinformation in Cryptocurrency, one wrong advice could bankrupt you. That's why we have integrated multiple ways to research the market.

We've included an trade analysis feed curated by top professionals. Learn how they analyse the market, and then dig deep through our news feed which is compromised of hundreds of sources.

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