Trading Update: Hello to Micro-caps


The market is bullish right now, and many things are happening to give investors confidence:

More and more good news is hitting the market. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are going mainstream. While we may be in for more turbulent times, I am incredibly bullish.

I have been gradually rebuilding my portfolio but focusing primarily on:

  • Bitcoin being my primary investment and over 50% of my portfolio. I believe that as more institutional money comes in then, the majority will be straight into Bitcoin, giving exponential growth in a limited supply coin as people speculatively hold.
  • Large-cap currencies and protocols which I believe will be here in 5-10 years to ensure stability in my portfolio.
  • Micro-cap tactical investments which could outperform Bitcoin, the goal being to trade these to grow my Bitcoin size.

Micro-cap coins are an area I have largely ignored, due to not understanding them. Following my podcast with @daytradernik, I have looked into a few of his tips and take some positions out.

I am ignoring the majority of the middle market, and utility tokens as the use case for these are too small, and I am just not sure whether many of them will exist in five years.

I have also diversified my investments into mining, purchasing a stack of S9's which will be operational from February. When buying a coin, if it drops negative then you are at a loss, with mining, once you have paid costs the minted coin is in profit at any level. I will be opening up investment opportunities within the mine. Please get in touch to find out more.

I am also looking at moving into Masternodes, firstly with a ZCoin ZNode. I will keep you all updated on progress with this and the mine.

Regarding my most recent trades I have opened up positions in the following while I sold my Bitcoin Gold and some Bitcoin to pay for the mining equipment:

  • WeTrust
  • Genesis Vision
  • AION
  • Linx
  • FoldingCoin
  • PoSW Coin
  • Voise
  • HUSH
  • Lux
  • Neblio

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.