Bitcoin price analysis

Regarding the current BTC price surge, this is an interesting article reviewing the charts and resistance/support lines.

If Bitcoin does not retain support above $1,800, then it may fall as low as $1,136 or $1,192. Note that after yesterday's peak price, Bitcoin is trading at just under $1,750 on Coinbase.

As a long term investor it is important to understand charts, while jumps in price are exciting and dips can be scary, if you are investing as part of a long-term portfolio, this allows you to stay calm during turbulent times.

Remember, markets never move in straight lines.

If you are wanting to trade and bank gains, then knowing this can help you move between markets. This isn't something I do, yet. I prefer to work with price targets. With Bitcoin, I have a long-term price target of 5 years.

I will start work soon on a pricing spreadsheet for each coin I am invested in, highlighting current price and my price target, including the time period I am targeting. This will be purely speculative work and could be wildly wrong, still, it helps with tracking prices.

What if Bitcoin falls?