Trading update - using Ethereum profits

With Ethereum on the move today, I took advantage of the boost in price to liquidate 10% of my holding and split across some smaller altcoins I am interested in.

I like having a spread amongst smaller altcoins as you never really know which might be the next big thing. I always think that taking some profit and making a few punts is a good move as the potential upside in this market outweighs the risk.

As such I have opened positions in the following:

  • Wings DAO
  • Antshares
  • Library Credits
  • Gridcoin
  • SingularDTV
  • Digix DAO
  • Komodo

My position in Komodo is double all the others as I have been eyeing this up for a while and think it is a great investment opportunity.

These are all 'hold' coins and not for day trading.