Increasing my Storj position

As the Ripple bull run appears to be over and struggling to hold resistance, most of the market is moving up.

Historically the trend used to be Bitcoin up, everything else down, Bitcoin down, everything else up. The major run by Ripple this week showed a similar pattern with most major altcoins moving sideways or down, with gains seen across smaller altcoins.

This morning I have increased my position in Storj. I took out my first position about a month ago and am currently +50%. This morning, while the majority of altcoins are up, Storj is showing a 24-hour price movement of -24%.

I think this is a good entry point as Storj appears to have found its resistance level after a huge jump yesterday. With a market cap of only £25m, I think there is room for considerable upwards gains.

It is worth taking a look at the project on their website, If they can deliver on their roadmap, then they can be a serious competitor to the likes of Dropbox.