Crypto investment strategy update

My strategy is to hedge the market by investing in the majority of the top 20 coins and placing researched, smaller investments in other top 50 / 100 coins.

I do have some exceptions though:

  • I am not invested in Ripple at the moment due to my previously mentioned concerns, I was but sold out with a nice profit, I may enter again at some point
  • I am not invested in Ethereum Classic as I am more interested in Ethereum and feel like Classic will eventually fall away
  • I have come out of Dodgecoin as it was originally a joke and I am not sure it has any long term viability
  • I am not invested in Bytecoin yet; it has just entered top 20 after a big run this week, I am waiting to choose my entry point as I like what they are doing

The other coin I was not invested in from the top 20 yet was the Gnosis token, I thought the ICO was poorly managed and overpriced for a new entry. Still, researching the project and team, I have decided to take a small entry position.