Consolidating my investments

Following on from my previous post I closed a number of other positions this morning. My portfolio is split into two pots:

  1. Long term holds - these are the largest and most stable coins, which I believe are secure long term investments.
  2. Trading account - these are where I take small, risk/reward based positions on upcoming coins.

My trading account has seen the most significant % growth this last month, with all but one coin in profit. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am cautious though. While I research all my investments, the amount of research is dependent upon the size of the investment. If I was to invest £100, I would happily spend 10 minutes looking on their website, Twitter and Reddit. If it was £1,000, it may be a couple of hours.

This morning I reviewed a number of my altcoins and closed my positions on six of them. I am happy with the margin, can't see too much more upswing and want to consolidate my investments in those I believe in the most.

I believe some of these could now be overpriced and while the upswing has been good and there is the potential for more, I prefer the stability of my hold account.

As such, I closed the following positions this morning and flipped them all into Ethereum:

  1. Dodgecoin +198%
  2. Digitbyte +84%
  3. Navcoin +34%
  4. Stellar +1,105%
  5. Peercoin +88%
  6. Namecoin +100%

I am currently watching the following closely and may also close these depending on what happens this week:

  1. Bitshares
  2. Belacoin
  3. Expanse
  4. Nextcoin
  5. Nautiluscoin

My position is unchanged with the following, these are all medium to long term holds:

  1. Stratis
  2. Decred
  3. Gamecredits
  4. Syscoin
  5. Counterparty
  6. NEM
  7. Siacoin
  8. Ardor
  9. Storjcoin
  10. RLC
  11. Melon
  12. Waves

If you have any questions then please give me a shout.