Everything is going up

Bitcoin is up. 
Ethereum is up.
Dash is up.
Ripple is up.
Nem is up.

Everything is pretty much up.

Chinese exchanges are now allowing withdrawals again and some are adding Ethereum.

Bitcoin scaling issues are likely to be solved, either through consensus or some kind of user-activated fork.

Ethereum now has more nodes than Bitcoin and is breaching Bitcoin volumes.

Ripple is still signing up more banks.

News, news and more news. Lots of positive news.

For those who held this week following the market crash, you should be near parity, I am. Well done for holding firm.

If there isn't another crash, the market could breach the $100bn market cap this week. I don't think there will be, the market is stronger than ever.

If we are in a bubble, it is very early. I can see the market rallying hard for a few months now, though expect some volatile movements.

I'm still considering my Bitcoin position but while it is on another bull run I'm going to hold tight. I think we will break $3k by the end of next week, though we could break it tomorrow. Madness.

Anyway, I'm rambling and not making much of a point.

Any questions, please just ask.