Market update - 20th June '17

Hey, sorry, I've been off the radar recently as I have been mega busy. Also, I will be off the radar towards the end of the week as I am at Glastonbury. The market will likely crash, and I won't be able to do anything as I will be in a field full of hippies.

Anyway, I thought I would send a summary of thoughts and things happening.

  1. After pulling out of Bitcoin, I have made the decision to go back in. A new chain fork called Segwit2x is being signalled by a large majority of miners, which essentially activates both Segwit and a 2MB block size. I think this will be a good temporary solution and the potential drama around UASF. I think a price target of $5k this year is not out of the question, as long as we can avoid a market crash.
  2. Ethereum is pretty stable at the moment, but I am expecting a big push soon to take on the Bitcoin market cap. If this happens, I have no idea how the market will react.
  3. A number of my tips have been doing well, Komodo, Syscoin, Siacoin Iconomi. I think these are all good investments.
  4. Antshares has made a massive move in the last week. I am 25* up on my initial investment, just disappointed I put so little in. It has the potential to be a top 10 coin. It is essentially a Chinese version of Ethereum but is tied into the market regs. A big opportunity and I am going to increase my position.
  5. I got in on the ICO and have made a tidy profit with it hitting the markets. Just a reminder, not all ICOs are equal, make sure you research, research and research again.
  6. Status ICO is today, and I will be investing.
  7. Dash continues to make nice incremental moves. I do think this will become a +$1k coin next year. Great structure and proactive team, will likely increase investment on any dip.
  8. Still a fan of Monero, probably the best of the anonymouse coins.
  9. Litecoin, what a beauty, did anyone follow me with this? Recent moves have been great, but I am worried that with Bitcoin solving it's issues it could slowly drop over the coming months. Will likely reduce position but stay invested. 
  10. Factom continues to grow, am staying with this long term.

Others I am looking at: MYST, QRL and ZCash.

Avoiding a market crash, June and July could be good months for all. Expect volatility to continue. If you are making money, then consider taking some off the table.

Remember to be sensible, shout me if you have any questions.