Trading update - 21st June '17

Trading update:

  1. Converted 1/4 of ETH last night into FIAT (nervous about price resistance and ICOs)
  2. Converted 1/4 of ETH into Bitcoin (appears a scaling solution is in site, Segwit activates and Bitcoin recovers)
  3. Converted 2BTC into Antshares (bullish over this long term, already up 2,500%, funny though that 2BTC got me half the Antshares that I bought for £350 back in May)
  4. Converted 250 Litecoins into Dash (Struggling to see Litecoin's viability long term if BTC solves issues)

Dash is an interesting one, I haven't talked about it too much. I love the structure of the DOA, mining rewards put Dash back into driving the coin forward. It appears to have a more steady growth trajectory and I have a price target of +$1,000 in a year.

With Dash you can set up a Masternode if you have over 1,000 coins. I don't, but it is a target.

Any questions then please give me a shout. I think another couple of volatile days ahead. The market appears to puke up every 10 days or so at the moment and I think ETH is a risk at the moment.