I just invested in my first ICO

I have just taken part in my first ICO. I read about Cofound.it on Reddit, checked out the website and like what they are trying to do. The ICO is due to start in 18 hours, but they have made Priority Passes available via their Slack channel.

I requested early access and have committed 10 ETH to the project. Looking at the funding page they are 95.89% towards their target, so it will likely fill before the public sale.

This is good news as for when the coin hits the exchanges the price will likely see some upwards movement.

I am increasingly seeing crypto companies using Slack as a channel for communicating directly with interested parties. I am going to go through the exercise of joining the Slack channels for all the coins I am interested in. This will be a good opportunity to lead early on about developments which might have a positive influence on price.

I will obviously share anything I find back here.