Closing out a few trades

A few trades I have just closed out:

  • Nautiluscoin +32%
  • Belacoin +28%
  • Clams +120%
  • Nexus +265%
  • Byteball +156%

I have taken my profits on these investments and bought the following:

  • Iconomi, an Ethereum token. I am already invested here, should have had more in from the start. The platform will be live within two months and I am buying in view of solid growth around this time. News of the release has caused a pump in the last 24 hours which might lead to a pull back. I am not too worried as I think this is a great long term investment.
  • Taas, another Ethereum token. I should have been in this token a long time ago. The project is super interesting, essentially a token based fund to allow people to invest in the blockchain.

Any questions then please do give me a shout.