Buy the rumour, sell the news

Buy the rumour, sell the news. The old saying for investing.

I had a feeling Segwit would lock in and activate and the market would react well. I have bought another couple of Bitcoins today but liquidating others for this is the tough choice.

Originally I was going to go with Dash but that has risen more than Bitcoin. I was going to liquidate some of my small alts which have got hammered, but which, some are up over 30% today. What tends to happen is when the markets go green, small alts move bigger than large alts or bits.

As such I am going to let the day settle out, spend some time looking through my portfolio and make some decisions at the end of the day.

My prediction is that if Segwit does in fact lock in and activate then Bitcoin will go towards £5k this year, that is about a 100% growth from now. The question to ask myself is which coins I think won't do the same off the back of it.

It is all an educated guessing game. I will keep you all updated.