Trading update - 21st July '17

Hi there, I have liquidated a whole bunch of my smaller coins today to convert to Bitcoin. During the boom I used to put pump bets on small coins with the hope of some shooting up, this worked very well in a few cases, Digibyte, Antshares and Bitshares.

Other coins also shot up but these coins also took the biggest hit during the last month.

I have reviewed my entire portfolio and if a coin is not a definite yes I sold it out to Bitcoin. Here is a breakdown of the positions I liquidated:

  • Bitshares +1,213%
  • NEM +476%
  • Decred +112%
  • Counterparty +132%
  • Expanse +66.2%
  • Melon +31%
  • SingularDTV -26%
  • HumanIQ +4%
  • Voxels +43%
  • Shift +69%
  • Musiccoin -28%
  • Aragon +3%

As you can see, most were profitable. My mistake was not selling when the market started to turn as some dropped as much as 75% in value.

The lesson for the future here is when there is a bull run, small alts are a great opportunity but during a dip they are dangerous.

Next up I am going to rebalance my portfolio and weight it more towards my fav coins: Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Komodo and Iconomi. I think we may trade sideways for a while and I think during these times it is best to be with the best coins.

Long live Bitcoin!!!