My fav coins at the moment

So moving forward these are my fav long term hold coins in order of preference:

  1. Dash - I love how the reward both miners and masternodes. Also, check out the treasury proposals, it is a self-funding coin. It is my largest holding.
  2. Bitcoin - is back, it is to Crypto what Hoover was to vacuum cleaners. The entry point for most. Scaling is being solved despite some rogue forks coming. I'm back in and significantly so.
  3. Iconomi - I have been long on this since January, such a cool project and a great user case. I can't wait to use the platform. I have increased my portfolio here three times. Just look at the recent price moves. I will likely increase again if there is another dip.
  4. Syscoin - another long position of mine, a great user case providing business on the Blockchain.
  5. Komodo - I've been in Komodo for around 4 months and you will have heard me mention it a few times. This will sound BS as I don't really understand what it does but it was supported by Nano alongside all other large coins, they must know something. A punt without logic. Sorry. You wouldn't get away with this logic on Wall Street. Oh and I like their logo.
  6. Antshares - The Chinese Ethereum, initial £300 investment went up to £7k. I have reinvested 3 times and expect a big move in the next 6 months.
  7. Monero - anonymous Crypto. I don't expect the price to move as quick as others but I like the fact that the core developers do not care about the price. All they care about is the product but know the price will rise with it. 
  8. Siacoin - a distributed Dropbox competitor. Prices are much lower and the market cap is tiny. If they nail this then expect exponential growth.
  9. Factom - a solid performer this year. Again a real world business case for digital asset management. Usually the most boring projects sneak up and surprise you.
  10. BAT - a Blockchain solution for advertising attention. I love this on a personal level because I know how much bullshit there is in the industry. My entry point was terrible but I'm a long term hold. The CEO actually asked for my CV after I Tweeted him so fingers crossed there.

Nearly rans: Maidsafecoin, Augur, Lisk, Library Credits, Game Credits and Ardor.

Yep, no place for Ethereum. I just don't know what the heck to think about it.

What are your favs?