Signs that the market is stabilising

Hey there, I've just started to notice a few signals that the market might be stabilising. During the correction last month the market would collectively move up and down together, likely waves of triggered sell offs. Over the last week I have noticed that coins are starting to act independently, as in there is no real pattern between coin movements, some up, some down and some sideways.

If this continues then I believe the market is stabilising, which is great for three reasons;

  1. We will have found a base
  2. We can start trading again based on both fundamentals and TA
  3. We can start looking for new opportunities

I'll keep an eye on this and let you know my thoughts. Expect trading moves to commence again soon.

Separately, keep an eye on Bitcoin. There is a push for two forks at the moment, Bitcoin Cash and BitcoinABC, two groups unhappy with Segwit who want on chain scaling. I don't expect either to gain significant momentum but they may lead to unsteady times with BTC over the next few months.

Shout me if you have any questions.