DCU - A New Month, Same Gains (1st Sep '17)


Market Performance (Global Market Cap):

  • 24-hour gains: +2.7%
  • September gains: +2.7%
  • Year to date gains: +899%

Portfolio Performance:

  • 24-hour gains: +2.6%
  • September gains: +2.6%
  • Year to date gains: +1,578.4%

So we are into a new month, the insane gains from August continue, and we have another green day to kick September off with. Today will be a short update as I have been way too busy working on the blog and I am going to the beach. Also, the stuff I am writing is becoming repetitive. We're up again, guess what, we're up, the market is up, everything is up, up up up!!

Not that I am complaining :)

What I am waiting on now is for Bitcoin to show its $5,000 face and see how the market reacts. I have been expecting another correction for a while, and this could be the trigger, though, like I said in my video blog today it could be the trigger for a bigger rally.

Adding to the $5k Bitcoin face, I am also waiting for Ethereum to show its new all time high face and see how the market reacts to that.

Outside of these two pricing events, there is little else to add. It is a hard market to trade, in that, every coin is having its turn at making mega gains. It is hard to identify what to buy when everything is performing well. I feel like I need a correction to have some trading fun.

Anyway, like I said, short update today. Any questions then give me a shout. I suggest while the market is having fun, enjoy the gains and take a break.