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We Need to Talk About Crypto Trading: A Cautionary Tale

During a recent webinar I held, I created a poll asking how trading was going, with options from making good money to losing lots of money. There were a handful who have lost a lot, and I asked them to get in touch if they wanted to discuss it. A few people messaged me, some of whom have lost tens of thousands of pounds, one who had dropped hundreds of thousands, so I thought it would be good to write a cautionary post about investing in crypto.

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What Bitcoin Can Do To Avoid Its Bubble Bursting

I previously explained that bubbles aren't necessarily a bad thing. A bubble, especially in technology, occurs because innovation creates a financial growth opportunity and that opportunity brings investment capital. A bubble forms, because organisations are in a race and investors, are putting their money behind who those teams and projects they believe will become the leaders in this new market and thus deliver the best returns on their investment.

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