WBD 001 - Interview with Luke Martin @venturecoinist

WBD 001 - Luke Martin.png

In the first episode of The What Bitcoin Did Podcast, I chat with Luke Martin aka @venturecoinist, one of the leading Twitter Crypto traders about his approach to trading and strategy. Luke talks in detail about how he trades, thoughts on forks and ICOs and what he does outside of Crypto to keep his mind fresh.

Luke dropped out of school to focus on trading full time and now operates a private group where he teaches others to trade.

In the show we discuss the following:

00:00  Introduction
05:26  How Luke got into crypto trading
06:57  When Luke was first introduced to crypto
08:44  Why Luke chose to dox himself
10:24  Luke's rise in the crypto Twitter space
11:31  Who Luke recommends you should follow in crypto Twitter
12:39  Luke's trading strategy
16:25  Luke's initial advice to new traders
21:35  How Luke mentally handles a bad trade
22:22  Luke's view on day trading
24:00  Luke's thoughts on forks
28:01  Luke's opinion on the impact of CME futures on the price of Bitcoin
30:41  Where Luke thinks institutional money will be invested
32:17  Luke's thoughts on BitConnect, Tether, risk and security
37:14  Luke's views on ICOs
43:52  Thought's view on Ripple
44:59  Sectors and coins which Luke is interested
46:24  Luke talks about his business and his thoughts on private groups
50:10  Luke talks about the structure of his day and how crypto has changed his life
53:21  Luke's thoughts on the future of crypto and his own journey
55:10  Luke's recommended resources
56:35  Closing thoughts


Show Notes


  • Jason Camiolo for audio production
  • Rich Roll for mentoring and helping me get this going
  • Justin Hayward my friend who runs search agency Make It Rain, he puts me up in LA and inspired me to do this website and podcast