Amber Baldet on Surveillance Capitalism

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Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
— Amber Baldet

Interview location: New York
Interview date: Wednesday 6th March, 2019
Company: Clovyr
Role: Founder 

The line between data collection for commercial use and surveillance by the state has become blurred. Where the NSA tracks online user activity for crime prevention, Silicon Valley behemoths have become increasingly hungry for user data with the goal of building ever more targeted advertising solutions.

Within the world of cryptocurrencies, the requirement for KYC/AML checks has blurred the lines between data collection and state tracking.

Privacy is often touted as a fundamental human right, but our moves are tracked both online and in the real world at an increasingly alarming rate. In this interview I talk with Amber Baldet about the growth of surveillance capitalism, the impact on society as well as question recent Coinbase decisions and Web 3.0.


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