Andreas M. Antonopoulos on What Happens When Bitcoin Takes Over

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We’re talking about a change in how humanity organises itself.
— Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Thursday 28th Feb, 2019
Company: Independent
Role: Bitcoin & Open Blockchain Expert, Speaker, Author 

Bitcoin, the decentralised, trustless, censorship-resistant money.
Bitcoin, digital gold and the hardest form of money the world has.
Bitcoin, a financial infrastructure built for the digital age.

Whatever Bitcoin is to you, it is young, it is maturing, and it is growing in its use cases. Individuals and companies around the world are increasingly adopting Bitcoin; governments are regulating; institutions are investing and developers are building.

Bitcoin is still on the edges; it is niche; it is for the geeks and the speculators, the early adopters and entrepreneurs. But as Bitcoin continues to grow its impact upon humanity will be profound. It is a fundamental shift in what money and value are and how it is held and moved.

In this interview, I talk with Andreas M. Antonopoulos about what happens when Bitcoin takes over. We also discuss Bitcoin use cases and the ah-ha moments which can shift your perception of what Bitcoin is and what it means.


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