Ari Paul on the Fat Protocol Thesis and Product/Market Fit in Crypto

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I really value experimentation, we are so nascent in this industry, there are so many unknowns that I think bad experiments are valuable. So, EOS is a radical experiment in governance, if it fails due to poor engineering, we won’t learn anything but if it fails for governance reasons we’re going to learn a lot from it.
— Ari Paul

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Fri 17th August 2018
Company: BlockTower Capital
Role: CIO

Eight months into a Crypto bear market and the lens firmly on the Crypto industry. Last week I caught up with Ari Paul from BlockTower Capital to discuss many important issues relating to token projects.

We talk about Joel Monegro's Fat Protocol Thesis; product/market fit within token projects and Crypto marketing.



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