Arrested for Selling Bitcoin with Morgan Rockwell

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In this podcast, I chat with Bitcoin Inc CEO, Morgan Rockwell who the Department of Homeland Security arrested for selling Bitcoin. In this interview, we discuss the case as well as the role of AI and the future of Bitcoin.

Breakdown of the show

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:10 Why Bitcoin is so important
00:05:17 How Morgan discovered Bitcoin
00:09:17 The Terminator scenario
00:10:35 Google AI drones
00:12:37 Moral warfare
00:16:30 AI regulation and moral decisions
00:19:27 The need for a decentralised currency
00:23:00 You can't lie with Bitcoin
00:23:55 The spread of Bitcoin
00:25:56 The impact of AI on society
00:30:40 Threats to bitcoin?
00:36:14 When did the legal thing kick off?
00:38:05 When were you first aware that something was happening?
00:39:45 Who/what is homeland security?
00:43:57 When were you charged?
00:47.32 State and federal jurisdiction
00:57:46 Is there any indication of where this going?
00:59:36 Potential penalties
01:02:26 Morgan's role as the guinea pig
01:03:19 The impact on Morgan's life
01:05:05 Leadership in crypto
01:10:06 What you working on?
01:14:42 How to stay in touch with Morgan



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