Bitcoin Philosophy and Tech with Jameson Lopp

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In this podcast, I chat with Cypherpunk and BitGo engineer Jameson Lopp aka @lopp. We discuss both the philosophical and technical aspects of Bitcoin, the scaling debates, forks and the various leading personalities in the community.

Breakdown of the show

00:00  Introduction
10:17  Jameson's background in tech and how came to be involved with Bitcoin
13:39  The Cypherpunk movement, privacy and the birth of Bitcoin
23:39  Jameson answers the question "What is the real Bitcoin" and explains consensus
28:00  What nodes are, why they are important to Bitcoin and how they relate to scaling
32:28  Breaking down the scaling debate, small blocks v big blocks, off chain v on chain scaling
39:52  What happened with the User-Activated Soft Fork (UASF)
43:52  Segwit activation, the arrival of Bitcoin Cash (BCash) and the personalities behind it
47:35  Roger Ver's history with Bitcore Core and his role in BCash
52:14  Segwit2x cancelling and the risks posed by bugs in the Jeff Garzik's code
55:30  The risks of scaling Bitcoin with larger blocks
57:50  Jameson's thoughts on Dr Craig S Wright and the background to his claim to be Satoshi
1:01:13  Thoughts on Satoshi and his relevance to the future of Bitcoin
1:03:44  Thoughts on BCash, price and manipulation
1:09:00  Segwit2x, replay protection, New York Agreement and its collapse
1:15:13  Why Bitcoin is so resilient and why Bitcoin needs to be attacked
1:16:50 How big Bitcoin can get
1:24:24  Why people should spend more time learning and understanding Bitcoin
1:27:38  Managing personal money and associated risk
1:29:37  Are we ignoring the issues of power consumption with Bitcoin and the environmental risk
1:33:26  Jameson's thoughts on Litecoin, Dash, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum, EOS, IOTA and Ripple
1:46:00  Final thoughts, future for Bitcoin and Jameson
1:49:26  My closing thoughts


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