Bitcoin Scaling and Lightning Network with Jameson Lopp

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Bitcoin is an open collaborative project, where we are trying to organically determine what the optimum form of money is.
— Jameson Lopp

Interview location: New York
Interview date: Tue 15th May 2018

The Bitcoin scaling debate has been a common thread across my recent podcast episodes, so it was great to have Jameson Lopp return to the podcast to get his perspective on some of the critical issues.

Jameson was initially on WBD003 which remains the most downloaded episode to date. As we were both in New York for Consensus, Jameson agreed to meet up with me to record a follow-up episode.

Since we first met, Jameson has left his role at BitGo to work at custody solution Casa. With the growth in portfolio value, many Crypto holders are managing substantial portfolio values, yet the Casa team recognised that there is a gap in the market for a secure private key management solution designed to limit all attack vectors.

In a recent Medium post, founder, Jeremy Welch highlighted the Multi-signature + Multi-location + Multi-device approach being taken by Casa:

Our first product is the ultimate personal HODL setup: 3-of-5 multi-signature key software with 24/7 support. Keys spread across devices on a mobile phone, three hardware wallets and our Casa Key Recovery Service (KRS). This setup gives you full control while addressing risk of theft, accidents, disasters and more.

In this interview, I talk in depth with Jameson about Casa, their solution, his role and what keeps him awake at night. We also discuss other critical topics in Crypto such as his thoughts on Bitcoin scaling and the Lightning Network.



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