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Interview location: Florida
Interview date: Wednesday 8th May, 2019
Company: Bitcoin Uncensored
Role: Co-hosts

Coming into Bitcoin in late 2016 comes with a range of challenges in respecting and understanding the history of the space. Not only understanding the tech but the various people and projects which have come and gone.

There is also a long history of scams and/or poorly thought out projects promising riches from the mythical properties of the blockchain. With Bitcoin Uncensored, Chris DeRose and Junseth actively regularly dissected these projects, exposing the false promises and scams prevalent in the space but they acrimoniously split in 2017 as their visions and personal objectives were no longer aligned.

The podcast was very popular with many Bitcoiners but also created them enemies with their no holds barred content. Chris and Junseth agreed to come on the What Bitcoin Podcast to discuss the history of the show, their current view on the space, scams, changing narratives and the pressures of running a podcast.


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