Charlie Lee on why he Sold all of his Litecoin


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In this podcast I chat with Litecoin creator and Crypto heavyweight Charlie Lee. We discuss the origins of Litecoin, why Charlie sold all his Litecoin, leadership in Crypto and his relationship with Monero.

Breakdown of the show

00:00 Intro
00:56 What is Litecoin's role in Crypto and Litecoin Cash
03:30 Where is there fault with Bitcoin Cash
05:31 Why Charlie sold all his Litecoin
09:00 How Charlie came to create Litecoin
11:20 Segwit2x
14:02 Litecoin as a test bed for Bitcoin
16:20 View on Chinese government's approach to Crypto
17:20 Nation state crypto
19:25 Differentiation between cryptocurrencies
20:45 Leadership in Crypto
25:56 How we get people to use Crypto instead of fiat and banking services
34:55 Things happening with Litecoin
41:20 Charlie's life now
42:11 Bitmain's dominating position and mining
46:23 Relationship with Monero
51:15 What the market needs to help grow Crypto
56:05 Final thoughts, future for Charlie and Litecoin


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