Core Developer Bryan Bishop on Building Bitcoin

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There are bugs in Bitcoin, some that we know about and some that we don’t. Of the ones that we know about, not all of them are public knowledge.
— Bryan Bishop

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Friday 14th Dec, 2018
Project: Bitcoin
Role: Core Developer

Bitcoin may be the most important software project of our lifetime. A decentralised protocol, storing $billions in value, potentially $trillions in the future, yet this software is supported and developed by a distributed, volunteer group of developers.

How does this group of developers make decisions? What upgrades are important? Who gets to contribute to Bitcoin? How is code reviewed and pushed live? How are bugs reported and handled?

There are so many important questions that surround the development of Bitcoin and protection of the protocol, some of it shrouded in mystery. In this interview, I talk with Core Developer, Bryan Bishop about how developers work on Bitcoin. We discuss how ideas go from concept to code, testing procedures and the future of Bitcoin.


00.03.38: Intro and welcome
00.04.28: Brian’s background and why he became a Bitcoin developer
00.07.59: How building Bitcoin compares to other software development
00.09.16: How developer coordinate
00.11.51: Pre and post Satoshi development
00.13.31: Technicals of Bitcoin
00.15.11: How ideas go from proposal to development
00.18.01: What is consensus and how changes are made
00.27.31: Different types of forks
00.33.48: Bugs within Bitcoin and how they are handled
00.35.58: Problems with the structure of the Bitcoin protocol
00.41.28: Update on Lightning Network
00.45.19: Fungibility
00.49.53: The future of Bitcoin
00.55.40: How non-technical people can support Bitcoin
00.55.55: How to stay in touch with Bryan



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