Crypto Asset Valuation and Speculation with Mike Jones From Science Inc

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In this podcast, I chat with venture capitalist, ex CEO of MySpace and CEO of venture fund Science Inc, Mike Jones. We discuss the shape of the current crypto market, asset valuation and speculation.

Breakdown of the show

00:00  Introduction
05:19  Mike talks about his career and how he got into crypto
09:56  Mike explains what changed in 2017 for Science Inc to move into crypto more seriously
13:28  We discuss whether bubbles are necessarily a bad thing
15:44  How do we value these crypto assets? Do they have equity value?
20:04  The impact of crypto on traditional structures for raising capital
22:14  What crypto teams miss by not raising capital through venture
26:22  Mike talks about the experience of running the Science ICO
29:26  Mike gives his opinion on leading crypto assets such as Ripple, Bitcoin and EOS
41:06  We talk about security and decentralisation v centralisation
45:35  Mike explains the signals he is looking for to identify market sentiment
50:08  The future for Mike and Science Inc
51:50  My closing thoughts


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