Crypto Asset Valuations with Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures

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In this podcast, I chat with venture capitalist and CEO of Outlier Ventures, Jamie Burke. We discuss crypto asset valuation and what Jamie and Outlier look for when investing in crypto startups.

Breakdown of the show

00:00  Introduction
05:58  Jamie talks about how he got into the Crypto world
05:58  What Web 3.0 is
10:18  The types of decentralised businesses which Outlier are looking at
17:19  We discuss whether rapid growth has been good for Outlier
27:33  Distinction between currency and commodity
32:30  The value of the enterprise vs the value of the token
36:40  The economic model of tokens
40:38  Market speculation vs fundamental principles
44:06  What a crash means for the whole asset class
49:34  How Outlier support their investments as a venture platform
54:49  How Outlier are building out their connections to support their investments
57:49  The opportunity Blockchain brings to the UK economy post Brexit
1:01:48  The challenges which face Blockchain startups
1:05:26  The legal frameworks of crypto assets and whether they are a security
1:12:38  Future for Jamie, Outlier and what the market needs
1:17:20  Closing thoughts


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