Crypto Collusion and Conspiracies with Crypto Bobby

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I do think it goes to show that there definitely is some level of manipulation or people trying to manipulate the markets for their own benefit, and a lot of times at detriment to you as an individual. It is definitely something you want to think about if you are investing in the Crypto markets.
— Robert Paone

Robert Paone, aka @crypto_bobby, is one of the leading personalities in the world of Crypto YouTubers. Robert has built a significant following with his regular videos discussing the market.

Robert invited me out to Brooklyn to meet with the Airswap team, as he is now an advisor there. Having been a follower and admirer of his content for a while, I also wanted to interview him.

The day I arrived an article was released on steemit by @CryptoMedicated, highlighting a case of collusion and conspiracy to manipulate the price action of Crypto assets by some prominent Twitter traders. Rob and I agreed this is something which we would like to talk about, but we also discuss a number of other things such Crypto platforms, Vitalik Buterin's boycott of the Consensus conference and Robert's plans for the future.


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  • 00.00.00 Intro

  • 00.02.44 Market manipulation

  • 00.08.08 Lack of market maturity

  • 00.10.35 VC funding and how to apply valuation

  • 00.12.30 How Rob survived the market crash

  • 00.13.55 Rob's entry into the Crypto world

  • 00.19.04 Moving into making content

  • 00.23.28 Platforms and the risk of smart contracts

  • 00.34.25 Vitalik calling to boycott Consensus

  • 00.38.47 What Rob is working on, including at Airswap

  • 00.41.22 Regulatory lens

  • 00.42.47 How to stay in touch with Rob

  • 00.43.33 Outro