Daniel Buchner on Why Microsoft is Building Decentralised IDs on Bitcoin

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Interview location: New York
Interview date: Monday 13th May, 2019
Company: Microsoft
Role: Senior PM - Leading Decentralized Identity

As Bitcoin continues to grow, it is no longer an underground movement for cypherpunks and geeks. Bitcoin has broken into the mainstream while maintaining its core decentralised feature, out of the reach of state control.

Where financial institutions have woken up to a world which includes Bitcoin with the arrival of futures, high-grade custody and banking infrastructure; major companies are now recognising that Bitcoin is now part of the economy that can't be ignored.

During blockchain week in New York, Microsoft announced the launch of their decentralised identity programme which will use the Bitcoin blockchain to create user identifiers. In this episode, I talk with Daniel Buchner, who is leading this initiative at Microsoft, we discuss the culture at Microsoft, how decentralised IDs work and the ethics of using the Bitcoin blockchain for non-financial transactions.


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