Getting Hacked and Losing Your Crypto with Nik Patel

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In the second episode of The What Bitcoin Did Podcast, I chat with popular Crypto trader @daytradernik in detail about how he was hacked earlier this year, losing two-thirds of his portfolio and how he has bounced back. Nik also explains his approach to trading strategy, covering topics such as micro-cap trading, comparisons with trading forex and hedging his investments with Silver.

Breakdown of the show

00:00  Introduction
04:42  Welcome and Nik's background
08:39  How Nik was hacked
22:22  Scams and Ponzi schemes in the Crypto space
26:23  Nik's approach to strategy
27:35  Why Nik is buying silver with his Crypto profits
34:36  Nik's approach to portfolio management and why he prefers micro-caps
38:30  Technical skills and technical analysis
40:40  Nik's view on groups
42:56  Day trading thoughts
46:50  Other traders Nik respects
47:58  Mistakes Nik has made which we can learn from
51:14  Nik's specific strategy on the micro level and coins he likes
56:40  Nik's life outside of Crypto
59:30  Nik's recommended resources
1:01:35 Closing thoughts


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