Giacomo Zucco on Why Brexit Is Good for the UK (and Bitcoin)

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Interview location: Munich
Interview date: Monday 3rd Jun, 2019
Company: BHB Network
Role: Director

Brexit has genuinely divided the UK, and the hard negotiations for exit have only furthered the divide. Many feel disconnected from Europe, disconnected from the political process or feel left behind by globalisation. Others think that we are stronger as part of the EU and celebrate the benefits of the free market and the free movement of people.

There is no middle ground, and the stakes are high. The UK is either in the EU or out, and increasingly it looks like we are heading for either a hard Brexit or a second vote.

The process has raised many questions, and I have wrestled with whether we know what we are voting for and why? It appears logical to want to be part of Europe, but as I spend more time with Bitcoiners, understanding alternative economics and political structures, my views are changing, and I have become pro-Brexit.

I wanted to understand more about why Brexit could be good for the UK, and after a discussion with Giacomo in Munich, we agreed to record an interview and discuss the topic. We cover why decentralised political power is better for democracy, free markets and both the benefits and pains of Brexit.


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