Jack Mallers on Lightning Design and UX

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I spend 100% of my time thinking about Bitcoin. Maybe I am being dramatic by about 5%, so maybe 95%.
— Jack Mallers

Interview location: Boston
Interview date: Saturday 9th March, 2019
Company: Zap
Role: Founder

Bitcoin is hard for new people. There are so many things to learn; how to use Bitcoin, personal security, trading, economics and so on. The rabbit hole is deep, and not always welcoming. Now The Lightning Network is out in the wild, a whole new layer of technology to learn.

Currently, the experience of Lightning is different from Bitcoin, addresses look different, the language is different, the experience of sending and receiving Bitcoin is different, and design and UX plays an essential role in helping users.

In this interview, I talk with Jack Mallers, the founder of the Zap Lightning wallet, someone who often talks about the importance of design and UX. We discuss design principles, Lightning ease of use, how to introduce people to Bitcoin and the problem with custodial wallets.


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