Juthica Chou on The First Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures

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There was no question that when we started LedgerX, we were all in on Bitcoin.
— Juthica Chou

Interview Location: New York
Interview Date: Thursday 11th, July
Company: LedgerX
Role: Co-founder and Chief Operating and Risk Manager

The growth in Bitcoin derivatives has led to an increase in interest from Wall Street and institutional investors. The market is clouded by regulatory uncertainty and all current Bitcoin futures are cash-settled, which brings additional problems.

The market took a significant step forward when LedgerX announced that they had received regulatory approval to launch the first regulated physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts. LedgerX also announced the launch of a new trading platform called Omni, which, for the first time, will give US retail investors access to regulated derivatives markets.

The physical settlement in Bitcoin is another signal of a maturing market. It means that when a contract expires, the buyer will now receive Bitcoin as opposed to fiat, meaning businesses and miners can now bypass the fiat system entirely. 

Will this lead to reduced volatility in the Bitcoin price and bring in more institutional investors? I visited LedgerX in New York and spoke with the Co-founder and COO Juthica Chou. We also discussed:

  • Regulators approach to Bitcoin 

  • The licenses required to operate a regulated exchange

  • Institutional investors

  • Working at Goldman Sachs during the 2008 financial crisis

  • Betting on the Bitcoin halvening

  • $20k, $25k and $50k contracts

  • Why Bitcoin is better than Gold

  • Wall Street's interest in Bitcoin

  • LedgerX’s competition


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