Peter Van Valkenburg on Lightning & The Law

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There are a lot of people on Twitter who might be partisans of scaling on chain versus the lightning network, who think it is not complicated and that the government are just going to come after Lightning nodes.
— Peter Van Valkenburgh

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Thursday 11th April, 2019
Company: Coin Center
Role: Research Director

The regulatory lens of Bitcoin is also now on the Lightning Network, and there are questions around how regulations might apply to node operators and custodial wallet providers. Should they require a money transmission license? Should they be subject to KYC/AML requirements?

While Bitcoin companies have adapted to the regulatory requirements and secured licenses as required, the requirements for the Lightning Network are a little less clear.

Coin Center is working with regulators to advocate those node operators should not require a money transmission license. In this interview, I talk with Coin Center’s Peter Van Valkenburgh about the work they are doing and how regulations might affect aspects of the Lightning Network.


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