Questioning the Obsession with Blockchains and On-Chain Governance with Nic Carter

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Money might be the only case where you desparately need to radically decentralise the set of people who can create and have influence over the creation schedule.
— Nic Carter

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Wednesday 10th October 2018
Company: Castle Island Ventures
Role: Partner

Union Square Ventures posted a blog post this week titled The Myth of the Infrastructure Phase, shining a light on the imbalance between infrastructure work in crypto and DApp usage. There is an abundance of blockchain scaling projects, alternative currencies and governance protocols but a distinct lack of users. Why is this? Are people solving problems which do not exist? Is this a speculative land grab? How will this all play out?

In this interview, I talk to Nic Carter, a partner at Castle Island Ventures, who invest in equity deals for companies building on public blockchains, specifically Bitcoin.

We question a number of crypto related topics including::

  • Token models

  • The obsession with blockchains

  • What is the point of on-chain governance

  • Whether the web 3.0 stack is a thing

  • Mining centralisation

  • Bitcoin privacy

  • Realised cap as an economic model for Bitcoin



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