Teaching C# Developers to Integrate Bitcoin within their Applications with Vortex

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We’re going towards this central, totalitarian, surveillance, police state with the central banking system we have.
— Vortex

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Thu 16th August 2018
Company: Crypto Cast Network and Programming With Bitcoin
Role: CEO

The Bitcoin rabbit hole is deep, and there are many areas to research and understand. As I try and increase my knowledge, I have found myself learning about economics, politics, philosophy, history to name a few.

When talking to Bitcoiners, I have found that they all have a solid understand and view of the economic reason for Bitcoin and therefore why it is so important to them, whatever their discipline.

In this episode, I talk with Vortex, founder of the Crypto Cast Network and Programming With Bitcoin. We talk about how he is teaching C# developers to integrate Bitcoin within their applications, ICE/NYSE and Bakkt, and fractional reserve Bitcoin.



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