Token Economics and Raising Crypto Capital with Jill Carlson

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For the first time there is no longer a monopoly on the creation of value or monetary systems, that is really What Bitcoin Did.
— Jill Carlson

Interview location: London, UK
Interview date: Tue 22nd May 2018

The crazy world of Crypto is building a new borderless financial system with different rules. The creation of entirely new forms of money has resulted in a new global liquidity pool, and the traditional world of finance is watching.

Furthermore, entirely new token based business models are evolving. These token based projects are raising $millions on the promise of utility or equity, yet much of this new economy is untested:

  • Are utility tokens a wise investment?

  • Are equity tokens a better way of issuing stock?

With utility tokens, the velocity theory is yet to be economically proven with a single product. Velocity is no different to traction, something most startups find hard, even with great ideas. If traction is slow, then the value of most of these tokens will go to $0 very quickly.

With equity tokens, the promise is different and arguably more practical. Rather than a new economic model, these tokens represent a way of improving a legacy system.

Blockchains are changing what money is and how it moves, and there is undoubtedly an opportunity for innovators to create new business models, but many questions remain over how practical and realistic much of this is. Most projects do not need a blockchain, most are raising too much money too early, and many of the difficulties which tech startups face are being ignored:

  • What problem is being solved?

  • Where will traction come from?

  • Will these projects become economically viable?

Jill Carlson represents a small but influential group of realists in the space, writing about and questioning many of the challenges the market is facing. In our interview we discuss token economics, raising capital for Crypto projects compared to traditional startups and the general state of the market.



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