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WBD 012 - Josh Olszewicz

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If everything has sold off 70% or more, the risk/reward of going long instead of short here is much higher at this point than it was 2 weeks ago.
— Josh Olszewicz

Crypto Twitter is full of traders who have managed to gain a significant following but sometimes it is hard to distinguish between those who are genuinely skilled traders and those who have been lucky through a bull run. New traders will follow these personalities and use their posts to learn from, but also guide some of their trading decisions.

During the recent market crash, it has become easier to identify traders who understand market cycles and are trading both long and short to take advantage of market trends. One specific trader, who stands out in the space s is Josh Olszewicz, also known on Twitter as @CarpeNoctom.

Having survived the bear market of 2014, Josh brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to the market. His popular YouTube channel is full of great lessons for those who want to improve their skills, and he is also a contributor to Brave New Coin.

I met with Josh on my recent trip to Washington and had the chance to talk to him about the market conditions, his approach to trading and why he believes in Bitcoin.



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  • 00.00.00 Intro

  • 00.03.34 $33k by July

  • 00.11.37 Accumulation period for alts

  • 00.13.56 Josh's background and move into Crypto trading

  • 00.17.43 The early Crypto trading community

  • 00.18.57 What Josh learned by trading the bear market of 2014

  • 00.20.56 What makes Josh a solid trader

  • 00.22.55 TA v FA

  • 00.27.59 Most important indicators for Josh

  • 00.39.32 How does Josh choose investments and thoughts on XRP

  • 00.45.37 Thoughts on ERC20 tokens which might appear on Coinbase

  • 00.49.00 ICOs

  • 00.55.00 What moves price

  • 00.57.32 Long-term thoughts on Bitcoin

  • 01.02.19 Thoughts on Bitcoin Cash

  • 01.06.50 Advice for new investors coming into the Crypto market

  • 01.08.45 Why using Crypto is better