Why Bitcoin is Failing with Kyle Samani from Multicoin Capital

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In this podcast I chat with Multicoin Capital Managing Partner, Kyle Samani. Multicoin Capital are a Cryptocurrency hedge fund and in this interview we talk about Kyle's view on Bitcoin and Ethereum and their investment strategy.

Breakdown of the show

00:00 Intro
02:51 Kyle's background and first startup and how Multicoin Capital came to be
07:56 Starting of the hedge fund
10:49 Investment strategy of Multicoin Capital
14:58 What is holding back institutional money from coming into the market
17:59 Thoughts on market volatility and market manipulation
22:39 Why Kyle thinks Bitcoin is failing
27:15 How decentralised governance is holding Crypto back
31:40 Why decentralisation matters
33:06 Thoughts on Tezos and on-chain governance
38:59 Professionalism in Crypto projects
44:52 Why Kyle is bullish on Ethereum
46:39 Dispute resolution within blockchains
50:28 Usability and product management in Crypto
52:24 Thoughts on EOS
54:06 Regulation within Crypto
55:53 Nation state Crypto
58:49 Tips on investing in Crypto
59:57 How to get hold of Kyle and who Multicoin Capital are interesting in hearing from


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