Introduction to bitcoin

Welcome to my course about Bitcoin. I have written it in a way that it can help even the most novice person; therefore, every module takes you step by step through the concepts you need to understand.

If you have a little bit of experience with Bitcoin, you may find some of the modules here a little bit too basic, so feel free to skip the things you already understand.

All eight training modules and the bonus introduction module, are listed below with a guide as to what you will learn in each one. I would suggest you follow each module sequentially. If you have any questions, then please do feel free to drop me an email.


Module #0 - Introduction to the Course

In the first module I will cover the risks associated with investing in Crypto Assets, including the most important warnings:

  • A welcome to the course

  • Course disclaimer

  • Important warnings


Module #1 - Introduction to Crypto Assets

In this module I will introduce you to the world of Crypto Assets, teaching you:

  • What Crypto Assets are and why they are important

  • What a blockchain is and how it works

  • The risks associated with Crypto Assets investing


Module #2 - Crypto Assets Basics

In this module I will introduce you to the basic concepts you need to be aware before making any investment:

  • The key terms you need to be aware of

  • What an exchange is

  • What a wallet is

  • How to manage your security


Module #3 - Making Your First Investment

In this module I will help you make your first Crypto Assets investment, showing you:

  • How to register and setup a Coinbase account

  • How to add payment methods to Coinbase

  • How to buy some Bitcoin

  • How to increase your limits on Coinbase


Module #4 - Creating a Portfolio

In this module I will show you how to create a portfolio of Crypto Assets, teaching you:

  • What to consider

  • When you should sell a Crypto Assets

  • How to create a portfolio


Module #5 - Managing Your Portfolio

In this module I will teach you how to manage your portfolio, showing you:

  • How to use the Coinbase Vault

  • How to setup your hardware wallet

  • How to sell coins on Coinbase


Module #6 - Advanced Investing

In this module we will move onto some of the more advanced topics related to Crypto Assets investing:

  • How to use the Coinbase sister exchange called GDAX

  • How to sign up to Bittrex to buy altcoins

  • How to track your investments


Module #7 - Introduction to Technical Analysis

In this module I will talk you through the basics of Technical Analysis (TA), teaching you:

  • What Technical Analysis is

  • How to use Trading View

  • What trend lines are


Module #8 - Key Tips and Reminders

In module 8 we will close out the course with important reminders and tips:

  • A reminder of the risks

  • Investment discipline

  • Final warnings and tips

  • A summary of my resources