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Module #0 - Introduction to the Course


Hi there and welcome to my introductory course on Bitcoin. I developed this course for those interested in learning about Bitcoin but have no idea where to start.

When I first fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, I had to find my way using various lessons, online tutorials, common sense, and trial and error. I made lots of mistakes and wasted lots of time and money, I won't promise you won't make any mistakes, I just hope with my course I will help you limit them.

While there are lots of tutorials on YouTube and various websites with helpful guides, I wanted to build something which holds the hands of new people interested in Bitcoin like you, to help you safely invest while making you fully aware of all the associated risks.

This course is designed to take you through everything, step by step, from teaching you what Bitcoin is, why it is different to other cryptocurrencies, how to buy it and much more.

The majority of the course will focus on Bitcoin but I will refer to other cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is right now I only own Bitcoin and do not invest in any other cryptocurrencies. I will explain why during the course.


Nothing in this course should be considered investment advice, I am not a professional trader, and I am not a financial advisor. You should research the market diligently and invest only if, and when you are comfortable with the risks. This course will not tell you how to make money; it is for those who have decided to invest and want to know how.

Before You Start

Investing in Bitcoin is not easy, especially if you are not technical or do not have any other experience of trading. There is a lot to learn and lot you need to be prepared for, as such, before you dive in I have broken down what you need and what you need to be aware of:

What You Need

Before you go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and start investing, you will need:

  1. A debit or credit card so that you can buy Bitcoin

  2. A bank account for buying Bitcoin, if you want to pay lower rates

  3. A computer with an Internet connection as I don't advise doing this course on your mobile

  4. A smartphone for additional security protection

  5. Identification, ideally a passport or a driving license, if not then a national identity card

  6. Time and dedication, as I do not want you to cut any corners

I would also recommend downloading the Brave web browser, which has been designed to be faster and more secure by blocking unnecessary ads and tracking code.

What You Need to Be Aware of

Investing in Bitcoin may feel similar to investing in stocks and Forex but is also very different in many other ways, there are some things you need to be aware of before we start:

  1. Hacking and theft is a real risk, so I will be teaching you how to protect yourself

  2. There are questions over the value of these assets and I believe Bitcoin is very different from other cryptocurrencies and the risks of each need to be considered

  3. Cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile, you can easily lose money so I will teach you how to prepare for this

  4. Managing your investments is technical, so I will teach you step by step the specifics of how things work

  5. When buying Crypto Assets, the exchanges have something called KYC which means Know Your Customer, which is to prevent fraud. If you choose to buy Bitcoin from an exchange then you will have to provide identification and I will show you how to do this.

Sorry if I have scared you off. While the technology is cool, most people are drawn into the world of cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to make money, but there are many traps where you can lose money. The best way to prepare for this is through education.


Before you jump into the training modules, it is essential that you read the following warnings. You may have heard about teenagers driving Lamborghini's because they invested in Bitcoin or others who are travelling in the world because they bought Ethereum early. For every success story, there are plenty of people who have lost money.

Some people have made money through cryptocurrency investing by being skilled traders, and there are others who have done so because of luck. Yes, luck, lucky timing and lucky investments. I have experienced it all, lucky investments, lucky timing, bad decisions and bad investments.

Making money with cryptocurrency investing is hard, these markets are volatile, probably some of the most volatile investment markets out there. While there are times when you can make a lot of money, there are also times when you can also lose a lot of money, and knowing when the market will turn in your favour or against you is difficult to master. As such, it is really important you are aware of the risks, therefore please take the time to read and understand the warnings I have outlined below.

  • Warning 1: this course will not tell you how to make money. This course will show you how to register on an exchange, setup a wallet and how to buy Bitcoin. I am not a financial advisor, and it is essential that you make all investment decisions through your own convictions. Anyone who has a course which promises to show you how to make money is a charlatan and you should avoid them.

  • Warning 2: you could lose a lot of or even your entire investment. While cryptocurrencies can deliver significant returns, it can also result in massive losses. I know because I have seen substantial gains and losses and I have spoken to many people who have lost a lot of money. Cryptocurrency markets are highly speculative, and there are many factors in play. You should only invest money you can afford to lose, why? Because there is a significant possibility, you may lose most or even all of your investment. These are investment markets; not everyone can make money.

  • Warning 3: there are plenty of better traders out there than me. Yes, I have made a lot of money under certain market conditions, but I have also lost money too. I do not claim to be a great trader, I am just someone learning and improving all the time. That said, I have experienced almost every cycle this market has to offer so that I can prepare you for all eventualities. My skill lies in showing people how to buy safely and be ready for the best, and the worst these markets can offer.

Does this all make sense?

You will be able to find other courses out there which will sell you the dream; I am not that type of person, I am cautious and want you to be aware of all the risks so that you can invest safely.

Module #0 Summary

  1. Investing in Crypto isn't easy: you need to be prepared to learn a lots of different concepts

  2. Investing in Crypto is risky: markets are volatile and you can lose money

  3. This course will not tell you how to make money: it will show you how to safely invest and understand the technology and markets

If you have read and understood all of the above, then you are ready to move onto Module #1, an introduction to Crypto Assets.