Wordpress plugins for rewards and content monetisation

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The VYPS WordPress Plugin toolkit is a basic rewards site with legacy ads and browser mining and the VidYen VidHash and VidYen Twitch Player plugin for Monero mining monetization for YouTube videos and Twitch streams.


  • Point tracking per user

  • System to exchange point type for other points (copper => silver => gold)

  • Leaderboards

  • Raffles

  • Public and user logs

  • Time based transfers and rewards (i.e. daily or weekly rewards)

  • Adscend Media API tracking

  • Wannads API tracking

  • AdGate Media API Tracking

  • VY256 Miner (non-adblock version)

  • Coinhive API tracking

  • WooCommerce Wallet bridge

  • myCred bridge

  • Gamipress bridge

  • Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets (Dashed-Slug) bridge

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