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Latest Show: WBD039

The B Foundation and Nouriel Roubini's Testimony to Congress with Giacomo Zucco

Following Nouriel Roubini's testimony to congress, I chat with Bitcoin Maximalist Giacomo Zucco about the things we agreed and disagreed with Nouriel on. We also talk about The B Foundation, Monero and Brexit.


WBD040 - Interview with Jameson Lopp.png

Next Show: WBD040

Privacy Protection and Personal Safety with Jameson Lopp

Release date: Tuesday 23rd October

In his third appearance on the podcast, I discuss why people should care about their privacy in the age of surveillance.

The show is available now for Patrons.



WBD Special: Railroaded - The Targeting and Caging of Ross Ulbricht

Created and produced by the Free Ross team, Railroaded is a 6-part series documenting the creation, investigation and shutdown of Silk Road, and the prosecution of Ross Ulbricht.

Railroaded was created and produced by the Free Ross team. I am allowing them to use my podcast to reach a wider audience, and hopefully raise awareness of Ross’s plight and his fight for clemency.


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