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The What Bitcoin Did Podcast is a twice-weekly show where Peter McCormack interviews leaders in Bitcoin.

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast is a twice-weekly Bitcoin podcast where host Peter McCormack interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment and adoption. Launched in November of 2017, the podcast has grown to over 100 episodes with a guest list that is a testament to the diversity of knowledge and opinions that represent the broader Bitcoin community.

Individual podcast episodes have focused on engaging and accessible conversations with some of the industry’s most influential minds. Established veterans such as Adam Back, Charlie Shrem and Andreas M. Antonopoulos have shared the WBD mic along with rising stars. No areas of discussion are off-limits and differences of opinion are encouraged. Past topics have ranged from Cannabis to Censorship, Libertarianism to the Lightning Network, and Sex Workers to Segwit2x.

For topics of greater depth, What Bitcoin Did has focused on acclaimed Specials series productions that combine interviews with multiple individuals. These specials centre around some of the most important events in the history of Bitcoin including but not limited to the Mt. Gox hack and the prosecution of Ross Ulbricht for the Silk Road. By bringing together a wide range of voices with expertise on these events, WBD listeners are able to experience an unprecedented level of access to stories and the context behind them that is often forgotten.

What Bitcoin Did is also unique in the Bitcoin Podcast space in that it is completely transparent regarding the show’s income, expenses, and profit. Every month a public breakdown is posted on the income page with an analysis of advertiser spending, podcast downloads, and channel growth stats. This allows listeners to continuously audit and confirm for themselves that the podcast is free of conflicts of interests. It’s no secret that the Bitcoin industry has a history of notorious scams and fraudulent behaviour. WBD is committed to providing fans with a trustworthy listening experience free from bias.

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Podcast Reviews

What Bitcoin Did strives for an unmatched standard of excellence when it comes to producing the podcast, and that has led to widespread acclaim throughout the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency communities. WBD is proud to feature a 4.9/5 star rating on Apple Podcasts. Here are just a few of the best podcast reviews:

K. Ryan Bradshaw:
“The Best Podcast in the Bitcoin Space” -
This podcast is fun, interesting, informative, and charming all at the same time. Peter is a tremendous host who puts in the work to find the best guests in the space, travel to them, and have memorable interactions that both educate and entertain. This podcast is worth your time.

“Very approachable” -
Peter interviews his guests from the perspective that his listeners aren't Bitcoin experts which makes this podcast great for people that have been following Bitcoin for years or those that are just learning about cryptocurrency. I highly recommend this podcast!


“One of the best podcasts in crypto” -
I look forward to every episode. Peter is a great and knowledgeable interviewer that is open about what he knows and, more importantly, what he doesn’t know. Great guests and discussions.

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