Trace Mayer on Claiming Your Monetary Sovereignty with Bitcoin

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This is the great battle of our time. We’re on a planet that’s chained by central banks that engage in monetary repression, and they have all the money and guns in the world… How are you going to win this battle? You’re going to fight against this and all you’ve got is math on your side? That’s freaking pretty cool, like, bring it on.
— Trace Mayer

Location: Laramie, Wyoming
Date: Saturday, 21st September
Project: Premier Ark LLC
Role: Manager

The unique properties of Bitcoin make it the hardest money which has ever existed and allows those who adopt it to claim their monetary sovereignty.

As the Bitcoin market cap has grown, those accumulating have had to condition themselves to a volatile price, with dollar-cost averaging a popular way of stacking sats.

Many people, however, still don't own their private keys, leaving their Bitcoin on an exchange or in the hands of a 3rd party custodian. In doing so, they miss one of the fundamental aspects of Bitcoin, claiming their sovereignty.

Before Bitcoin, gold was the traditional way to claim financial independence. Like Bitcoin, Gold allows holders to take wealth management away from banks and financial institutions. With this, gold is also a hedge or 'safe haven' asset during currency declines and/or recessions.

With the global economy, again looking fragile, will another economic downturn see Bitcoin, like gold, become a 'safe haven' asset?

In this interview, and for the second time in a week, I'm joined by accountant, lawyer and Bitcoin OG Trace Mayer. We discuss the U.S monetary system being unconstitutional, negative interest rates, gold vs Bitcoin and Proof of Keys.


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