Adam Ficsor from Wasabi on Reclaiming Your Bitcoin Privacy

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Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Wednesday 24th April, 2019
Company: Wasabi Wallet
Role: Cofounder and CTO

User experience is something I have regularly found as a problem in Bitcoin, perhaps due to a lack of experienced UX designers in the industry. Sometimes I question whether this is something we accept and is the cost of self-sovereignty or whether it is something we should push for higher standards.

Bitcoin is hard though; it can take time to understand and a lot of work to protect your holdings. This itself is a good thing; it makes holders responsible for their security and can teach painful lessons if you make a mistake.

Wasabi Wallet is leading the fight for financial privacy and includes several tools to improve this with Bitcoin. With Tor and CoinJoin, users have both a network level anonymity and the ability to mix their coins. While these tools are great and offer financial privacy for all, they are complex to use and currently out of the reach of the less technical.

In this interview, I talk to Adam Ficsor, the co-founder and CTO of Wasabi Wallet. We discuss user experience, fungibility, anonymity v unobservability and CoinJoin.


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